6 things everyone should do when moving into a new house

new house

When I bought my house, the timing factor was better. I did house closing two weeks prior to the leasing of the apartment. That simply gave me some more time for packing and moving and help get to know the place well before I shifted in. I did some recruitment of friends and even family to help me move in. this included some special treatment like buying them pizza and a beer picnic and as a bonus, I was able to pick their brains on what most first-time house owners should keep in mind. This was among the best housewarming presents I received. Thanks to some experts and Google since they greatly helped get the basic things which should be done when moving into a new house. They include;

Changing locks

You never know the various people who managed to get your home keys through any means hence it is advisable that you change them in your new house. This helps ensure that you are the only person with access to your house. You can too install some deadbolts which coat as low as $10 for each lock. You call also seek help from a locksmith. If you are a supplier of locks, they mainly charge as low as $30 to $20 per lock for the installation labor. You should just complete this simple security task to ensure your safety in your new house.

Buying a multicooker


This a kitchen appliance which is good to have in your new house. They are affordable, it does not mostly make a mess in your house, it is in position to replace lots of other kitchen appliance, it is easy to clean, you can be to use it anywhere, it is energy saving, it is safe to even leave unattended and highly programmed. Such benefits make this appliance important in your new house.

Check the plumbing leaks

Any house inspector should ensure that they check any leaks before closing though it still never hurts to do the inspection the second time. For my house, I did not find any leaks to repair though when I inspected my kitchen, the sink sprayer had been broken. It is advisable that you keep your eye on running toilets and dripping faucets. You should also inspect your water heater for any signs of a leak. The best trick to use here is basically checking your water meter when you get into the house then check it after a duration of two hours to find out whether it indicates that some water is being used. This should be done with all your taps closed. If the meter still reads, this is a clear indicator that your house has some leaks.

Memory foam mattress

memory foam mattress

You should ensure that you purchase a good mattress for your new house and help have your bed fresh. When buying your mattress, compare the various types availed in the market to help get a mattress which best suits you. This can be based on the pricing which ranges from astronomical to low to believe mattress. Your mattress should provide you the best support and comfort. The various types of mattress include the form mattress, innerspring mattress, and adjustable mattress among others. When buying your mattress, lie it down, check the return policies, try to haggle it, do not be bullied to buy a box spring, understand the warrant and ask for the on delivery day.

Steam clean carpets

This should be done before you move in your furniture’s. It will help set you new house at a fresh start. This can be done through paying some professional cleaners which cost about $50 per room. Most of these services will at times be charged about $100 before you have moved in the house. You also can rent some steam cleaners who charge $30 per day. You also can be in a position to do the cleaning yourself with the steam cleaner.

Main water valve and circuit breaker

My time to use the electrical gadgets was when replacing some broken light fixture in my bathroom. When I was done with the replacement of the breaker box in my garage, I turned off power in my bathroom to help avoid electrocuting myself. It is advisable that you have fuses control in your house and label the various parts in your house it controls power. You should be in a position to know the main water valve in your house for cases of plumbing emergencies. In the cases where a tornado or a hurricane is headed your way or if going out of your town. Simply be able to locate the valve. You can have it either outside or inside your house. Turn its knob and ensure it is off. Counter check and test it by turning it any of the faucets in your house and ensure that no water is coming out.

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