Top 5 Best Multi Cooker 2017

Choosing a single product is really a tough job when you have a lot of options to choose from. That’s why we have compiled a list of Top 5 Best Multi Cookers 2017. So you can have a look at the best and choose the one which suits your kitchen and life.

Top 5 Best Multi Cooker Reviews

Instant Pot IP-DUO60
Instant Pot IP-DUO60
EPC-808 Maxi-Matic
Elite Platinum EPC-808
Cuisinart MSC-600
Cuisinart MSC-600
Gourmia GMC650SS
Gourmia GMC650SS
6 (liter)
Fagor 670041960 LUX
Fagor 670041960

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is a 7-in-1 multi cooker that will serve you with perfection in all areas of cooking and it’s the best seller multicooker. I call this the perfect kitchen cooking assistant because no matter what you intend to cook, it is always there. It features seven cooking functions as well as comes with 14-inbuilt smart programs to choose your recipe cooking setting with ease.

What do you want in a cooker? Rice cooker, slow cookers, Pressure cooker, Fryer, Steamer, dishwasher safe, yogurt maker, Keep warm, Power safe, beauty? All these and more are available in Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker.This programmable instant pot IP-DUO60 is the third generation in its line and comes with cutting-edge technology to give you the best possible features you will desire in your kitchen helper. With this multi-cooker, you can put your mind to rest whether cooking meat, vegetables, risotto, chicken and many other food recipes.


  • Performance.Nobody who has used this multi cooker has ever doubted its performance in all areas. For different cooking settings, this cooker has performed wonderfully. Most people I spoke with about this product say it performed better than their other cookers they have used.
  • Long lasting. Nobody wants to buy a product today and get to change it tomorrow; this multi cooker has been judged as durable. The third generation arrived in 2014, and not one person I have seen complaints about breakdown or malfunctioning of the product.
  • Easy to use. If you have experienced difficulty in using a new product, you will realize its cheering news when a product promises ease of use. The multi cooker requires no particular learning to operate and get the settings perfect. It comes with easy to follow instruction manual to guide users on how to exploit the product.
  • Stainless steel cooking pot. The multi cooker’s pot is stain proof and will not get stained after cooking.
  • The product finds application in wide varieties of food and can do almost all you want as far as cooking your delicious recipes are concerned. It is energy efficient, saving up to 70% of energy use.
  • Easy to clean. Having a stainless steel cookpot makes every user happy. Washing the pot is easier; I am particularly intrigued by how sparkling clean the cook-pot gets after dishwashing.
  • The Instant Pot pressure cooker lists 10.2 to 11.1 psi while cooking, which makes it hard to convert most recipes successfully.


Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has been praised for its versatility, durability and ease of cooking. My overall assessment shows many users have been above average very happy and pleased with the product.

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Elite Platinum pressure cooker EPC-808

If getting the best multi cooker to use for your cooking is your concern, Elite Platinum EPC-808  cooker is the product. It is a pressure cooker with stainless steel pot which gives you peace of mind when doing your cooking. Like all multi function cooker, the product has 13 amazing features that will greet your cooking time with efficiency.

If it’s your first time using a multi cooker, this is the cooker for you as it requires no special learning to use. The beauty of this cooker is that you can buy the stainless steel pot separately if you want if you don’t mind the cost.

One fantastic function that is so cool is the setting that allows keeping steam while the cooking process is on to preserve essential food nutrients and flavor. It is time saving and produces delicious food that most multi cookers are unable to guarantee.


  • Truly multi-function cooking machine. Elite Platinum EPC MaxiMatic cooker comes with 14 multi-function setting allowing Preheat, Brown Rice, White Rice, Grains and Wild Rice, Potatoes, Desserts, Fish and Vegetables and many other food recipes. It also helps with Browning, and Keep Warm functions for sizzling food.
  • Automatic activation when power is restored. Anytime power is restored after an outage; the machine has an inbuilt system to resume cooking without user intervention.
  • Customized cooking. It comes with the function to program the multi cooker for a pressurized cooking time from 0-99 minutes.
  • Multi functions. A 14 functions device has a lot to offer for your cooking. Guaranteeing that whatever your food recipe is, a quality cooking will be provided for sizzling and tasty food.
  • Easy and faster. Cooking your food with Elite Platinum EPC MaxiMatic cooker comes with a great convenience as once you add the whole ingredients, you can go back to other things and be notified when food is ready.
  • Beautiful design. Elite Platinum EPC MaxiMatic cooker is not just any piece of a machine whose only function is cooking; the manufacturer also considered the beauty and aesthetics in the design to make it look beautiful. It comes in three different colors of blue, black and red; very elegant looking!
  • No slow cooker function.
  • Leaking lid. The Lid leaks steam, although this is not common to all.


The use to which you intend putting this multi cooker will determine if it’s best for you or not. While some people want to have the slow cooker function with their multi-cooker, some do not care if it has it or not. If you have defined your needs and did not mind this omission, the Elite Platinum EPC MaxiMatic cooker is recommended for you.

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Cuisinart MSC-600

Every good cook who understands the process of preparing tasty and sizzling food will like this multi cooker. The Cuisinart MSC-600 is a must have for you if you desire convenience and simplified cooking.

The product offers necessary pre-cooking, cooking and post-cooking time assistance to get you the most delicious meal ever wanted in your food. This product is not for a newbie getting their first feel of slow cooker or multi cooker functionality. But if you are already used to using multi cookers, this advanced technology will be your best assistant in the kitchen.

For browning, searing, and sautéing cooking processes, this cooking appliance is all ready to help you all the way to finished cooking at the shortest time possible. Its aluminum parts make it a lightweight and helps for evenly distributed heat to facilitate your cooking processes beautifully.

The Cuisinart MSC-600 is elegantly designed and beautiful in look. The display shows two backlit LED-display located on the side of the product, showing cooking time and temperature to guide you on cooking progress. You can see 3 Functions display including SLOW, BROWN/SAUTE, and STEAM.


  • Simple and easy to use the cooker. It comes with a manual for smooth operation. Even without using manual, many have reported that this appliance is easy to operate.
  • Glass Lid with Handle. The design has a handle with the lid and makes it easy to lift if you have to check your food cooking progress.
  • Removable nonstick 6-quart cooking pot. The cooking pot is removable and non-stick which makes it perfect for cleaning after use.
  • It comes with necessary functions for the best multi cooker. One desirable feature of this unit is the ability to brown, sear, sauté, steam and slow cook all in the cooking pot.
  • Large LCD. The large screen makes it easier to set and watch time & temperature.
  • 3-in-1 multi-cooking. The Cuisinart multi-cooking functionality stands out. The usefulness is unmatchable; I am yet to see any multi cooker that can steam, brown\sauté and slow cook simultaneously in the same pot.
  • No delay timer. No clock delay means you can’t preset cooking time and delay till later time found in most multi cookers.


The product is very versatile and capable appliance; very easy to use and maintain. It is also easy to clean. Despite its versatility, you only need to clean one pot and the lid.

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Gourmia GMC650SS 11 in 1

If you want a cooker that can do almost everything you need to cook, this multi-cooker is the appliance you need. It gives you 11 cooking functions including Rice maker, Suate roast, Sous vide, slow cooker and much more with an option for custom settings. It’s Gourmia GMC650SS!

If you love beauty, Gourmia GMC650SS multi-cooker is available in different colors to suit your taste. It’s not just a cooking tool; it is also a kitchen fashion statement to fit in your kitchen color theme. Now think about the array of culinary choices you can make using this multi cooker and get one that fits your color choice.

Elegantly designed to match your home design and gives you the refreshing taste of excellence you have always wanted in a kitchen; after all cooking, it’s not just about food, because sometimes you just can’t ignore the look. The multi cooker is perfect for all, whether you are single or double (smile), mom or dad, even if you are a student, this cooker is always a great help when it comes to cooking your delicacies.


  • Multi-cooking function. The interesting part of this appliance is that it provides the features of most cookers as well as gives you the option for custom settings for manual control.
  • Nonstick pot. Don’t be afraid getting your cooking pot messed up with sticky substances. Also, don’t worry about trouble cleaning your pot as the aluminum pot will be spotless clean because there won’t be a stain.
  • Fast, easy cooking. This multi cooker gives you absolute freedom cooking your food with ease.
  • All cooking function available. You can do varieties of cooking like Sous vide, Bake, Rice maker, Roast, Yogurt, Porridge, Slow Cook, Keep-Warm, Sauté, Steam
  • A variety of color. It comes in different colors to pick your choice.
  • User instruction. The multi cooker comes with user instruction manual to guide you of settings for different types of cooking function.
  • It does not circulate. Sous Vide cooking without distributing the water evenly is not the best.


If you have experienced the hard way to cooking and wanted no more, going for Gourmia GMC650 11 in 1 multi cooker is your best option. There is no need coping with your temperamental cooker any longer when there is a better option.

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Fagor 670041960 LUX Multi Cooker

Fagor LUX Multi Cooker model 670041960 is the cooker every homemaker needs to have in their kitchen. This advanced cooking technology electric cooker offers 4-cooking functions in one. You can conveniently cook your rice, make your yogurt, use it as a slow cooker as well as use it when you need a pressure cooker.

That is not all! Fagor Multi-Cooker can work for Browning, Sauté, Steaming, Simmer and Keeping Warm and all these make this product a must-have for anyone who loves good food and wants it in the most convenient manner possible. It offers a reduction in your cooking time up to 70% in comparison to other food options.

One beauty of this multi cooker is that it comes with time delay for cooking. It provides up to 6 hours of time delay to program your food readiness for the right time of your next meal. Even better is the fact that it can keep your food in warm mode up to 12 hours. For recipes, the product comes with recipe manual to guide you on best recipe to prepare for your next meal.


  • Dependable cooking assistant. Sometimes we worry how pre-cooking processes will run smoothly, but there is no need to worry anymore with Fagor Multicooker. The product comes with pre-cooking functions to Brown and Saute your food before cooking.
  • Pressure cooking. It offers up to 90 minutes high and low-pressure cooking. And offer different time range cooking functions with up to 12 hours in keep warm functionality to keep your food sizzling.
  • Updated control panel. It comes with a digital display panel to manage program settings. The indicators are helpful when using different functions to let you know which function you are to monitor the progress of your cooking.
  • Nonstick inner pot. Fargor has a non-sticky, ceramic 6-quartz detachable cooking pot that helps for easy cleaning to keep the food making machine clean always.
  • Safe to use. There is no entertaining fear of possible spill or having your kitchen getting messy because of the spill as the multi cooker has a self-locking lid and handle for tighter locking and easier carrying.
  • It comes handy for cooking a variety of meals quieter and faster.
  • Not 100% odor free. Although it does not hiss, the pressure releases quietly and leaves odors after cooking.


If you need your food warm and fresh always, this product is something to consider. If one considers the multi-cooking functions as well as state of the art technology, Fagor LUX Multicooker is a must buy for an excellent food cooking experience in the home.

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